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Train Your Mental Game

Achieve Peak Performance

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We Help Athletes Succeed

C4Success knows athletes. From competitive youth to national and Olympic level, we know what you need to be successful. Is a lack of confidence getting in the way of your success? Are you struggling to stay focused? Do nerves or anxiety get the best of you at competition? We can help!

Lack Confidence?

Has your performance suffered because of your mindset?  Tired of losing to your competitors?

Sign up for our Mental Skills Training Program and we will improve your confidence and teach you the skills to overcome the mental blocks standing in the way of your success.

It’s time to get a mental edge and sharpen your mental game with our Mental Skills Training program. 

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Can't Sleep?

Does your thinking keep you up at night?  Are you too stressed to get a good night's sleep?  Is your daily life impacted because you are too tired?  Insomnia getting you down?

Sign up for our Get To Sleep Program and  learn effective sleep strategies for your mind and body, develop your own sleep plan, use our Sleep Pattern Tracker, and listen to our 30 minute sleep induction podcasts.  We even include a step-by-step sleep plan for children. 

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Anxious or Inconsistent?

Do you want to take your performance to the next level?  Having troubles staying in the zone?  Tired of losing to your competitors? 

Sign up for our structured Mental Skills Training Program and take the next step to achieving your goals.

We give you the tools to overcome your obstacles, decrease your anxiety, and perform like you know you can!

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The Tools You Need

You train your physical game, now it's time to train your mental game. Build your mental skills; increase your confidence, boost your motivation, develop greater self-awareness and ability to focus, deal with setbacks and mistakes, and be mentally ready to perform on demand. C4Success offers training programs, with tools and techniques to strengthen your mental game, alleviate stress and anxiety, and prepare you to perform your best, when the pressure is on.

Step By Step

Follow our well laid-out modules and use C4Success to get into the right mental mindset to perform.  Use our mindfulness exercises, self-talk strategies, relaxation-visualizations, tips on cue cards, self-assessment scales and downloadable pdf's to train your mental game.  With engaging videos and audio content, C4Success is always available to you.  

Check out our sample video from our Mental Skills Training for Athletes program.

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" I feel the video conversations always give me the right mindset. The program is very easy to use on mobile which is very helpful if I am on the way to a game or lying in bed."


" This is really well done and organized. The information is a great help and good tips. The audio podcasts are super soothing. I love hearing relatable problems to the ones I have in my head. I loved the podcasts, videos and tips :-) Thank you!"


"I used the sleep podcast to relax me before a very stressful, professional Board exam. It helped to relax me enough to switch my mind off and get a good nights sleep. And the confidence visualization podcast basically allowed me to focus, concentrate and turn off the background noise in my head, which prevented me from freaking out. I was then able to do one of the best PhD defenses the examiners had seen."


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