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What Makes a Successful Athlete?

Uncategorized Jul 02, 2017

What factors lead to success in your sport?

We asked this question of Coach Kevin Clark, the Head Coach of the Edmonton Triathlon Academy, and Regional Training Centre - Triathlon Canada.  Kevin is a former international level triathlete who competed for 6 years for Great Britain and Scotland. When asked to summarize some of his suggestions for success in triathlon, here is the comprehensive list Kevin came up with.

Maintain 9 hours of sleep per day; 8 hours at night, 1 hour midday.
Set clear goals for every session.
Develop weekly goals.
Create specific race goals for training races.
Stretch/mobility exercises 20 minutes per day.
Weekly video anaylsis of swim stroke.
Weekly massage on weak areas and self massage/ice on calf muscles when needed.
2 x bike-run sessions/week.
1 x track session/week.
Run at faster average speeds.
Read about successful/knowlegeable people.
Self discipline + hard work = success.
Arrive early for every session.
Practice self control.
Help others when asked.
Join a training group of stronger triathletes.
Ask more questions of successful people.
See problems as only a short term challenge.
Plan and prepare specifically for championship courses.
Spend time climbing hills to build leg strength.
Stick to your values and beliefs.
Become the athlete you dream of being.
Constantly work on improving.
Be self reliant.
Don't take yourself too seriously.
Work on your weaknesses but don't forget to maintain your strengths.
Take calculated risks.  Don't always walk the easy line. 
Always act professionally.
Do something challenging every day.
Have positive expectations.
Stay out of your comfort zone.
Persistence, persistence, persistence.  Time will always tell a tale, even if you only make small steps.
Make every negative into a positive.
Noone wins alone.
Celebrate success.
Failure isn't failure if a lesson is learned.
Never fear the opposition, only be aware of them.
By wanting to be like your competitors, you will never see yourself beating them.
Preparation takes effort and education over long periods of time.
Total preparation assures a calmer and more confident response when faced with the unexpected.
Don't try to be better than anyone else, just try to be better than you were last week.

Thanks Coach Kevin for these helpful guidelines and suggestions in becoming a successful athlete.