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There are a whole host of psychological skills that we can have in our mental toolkit, but some of the most fundamental are our cognitive skills i.e. our thinking abilities. One of which is Self-Talk. Mastering this skill allows us to take charge of our own thoughts, banish doubt and manage our thinking in the moment. When we manage our own thinking, it allows doubts, questions or anxieties to take a back seat, thus making us have increased capacity; mentally, emotionally and physically.

So how do we manage our thoughts in an effective and productive fashion, so we are ready to give it our all when we need to? Here are my 10 tips to practice:

 Hear your internal dialogue. Start to pay more attention to what you actually say to and about yourself. We all do it, just sometimes we don’t realize. Plug in and just notice.

Only accept helpful thoughts. These are the thoughts that make a positive difference, that allow you to push through your limits, that tell yourself you are...

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