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5 Strategies For Better Studying

exams Apr 06, 2018

School and studying can be daunting, even for the best and most experienced learners. Feeling unprepared for an exam can lead to panic, anxiety, and even decreases in self-confidence. Yet, despite these consequences many students do not adequately prepare for tests and exams and wind up perpetuating their own fear and worry regarding testing. Spending hours upon hours studying is not necessarily needed or productive. Think, “study smarter, not longer”. Shorter more frequent study sessions are more likely to be productive and contribute to long-term learning. Although many students cram the night or days before a test this is not an efficient or effective way for most learners.

Although no two people study exactly the same way and no one strategy can work for everyone, there are a number of study strategies that have been shown to be effective for a diverse population.

What kind of learning style works best for you?Generally there are 4 different types of learning styles:...

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8 Tips for Exam Success

exams students test anxiety Dec 14, 2017

Exams are upon you!

You have lots of work to do and there is a nagging worry inside your head; “What if I mess up this time?” You might even have trouble switching off and sleeping at night, and your appetite may be a bit off.  Welcome to the pressure filled world of the student.

It’s really normal to feel stressed at exam time.  If you are not at all stressed, then you don’t really care much about the outcome.  A healthy level of pressure let’s you feel motivated, ensures you keep working and helps you maintain focus.  But when your stress goes over the top, it will interfere with your success.  That’s when it’s time to take these steps to maximize your chances of doing well on exams.  

1. Prepare.  Nothing will increase your anxiety more than going into an exam and not knowing your material.  This one seems like a no-brainer, but many of us don’t take the time to adequately prepare....

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