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3 Ways to Encourage Purposeful Practice With Your Youth Athletes

goalsetting practice youth Jan 30, 2018

Recently, a 13 year-old athlete came to our meeting in the shirt below. Sam received this gift and was waiting to share it with me. We’ve been working together for 3 months and introduction of mental skills training to his sport development has been instrumental in his injury rehabilitation and confidence. He showed up ready to train, journal in hand. The part that struck me was the level of maturity, preparation and passion for his sport that he chose to share and therefore, this simple t-shirt and conversation starter became the focus of our session. “No Apollogies”, a play on words and the brand of shirt, but at a thematic foundational level, commitment and motivation.

 Lately, I have been challenging athletes to incorporate individualized planning and use performance profiling, specifically in relation to their training, competition, and development. Simple to some however, I have discovered the significance of motivation as the catalyst that puts things...

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