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4 Best Practices for Reviewing Performance Routines


In the NFL game today, there are a lot of better athletes than I am, and quarterbacks these days are faster than the quarterbacks have always been, they’re running like crazy. But I kind of stick to my roots of the disciplined quarterback. You know, I’m doing the same routine every week, studying tapes and working hard, getting ready to play and making good decisions on Sundays – Peyton Manning

 In sport, we are familiar with the purpose of routines. We require them to function and need them for peak performance in both training and competition. When executed efficiently, they aid in preparation which leads to confidence, provide opportunities for emotional & attentional control, simulate consistency if repeated efficiently and can influence content (what is happening in the moment). And like Payton Manning highlights, commitment to routine ensures success in performance.

Depending on your sport, routines are the epicentre to achievement and are...

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