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6 Things to Consider for Training Camps

coaching team training Mar 15, 2018

"You win the fight in training camp, not on the day of the fight"

– Royce Gracie


Training Camps – the best and worst places for training and competition preparation. Some athletes love them, others loathe them. A necessary evil, a must and most of all, a time where both strong and weak performances are revealed and vulnerability is at its finest.

Bottom line – they can be extremely difficult and draining but rewarding all in one go. Whether you participate in an individual or team sport, preparing for big competitions is part of the process and most of all part of the sporting experience.

I have come to learn that it is in these environments (no matter what role you play as a coach, athlete or integrated support staff team member), where athlete growth takes off. It can be challenging to plan, prepare, participate and run training camps.

As a Sport Psychology Consultant, our role varies depending on what is being asked of us. Often, responsibility lies in...

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