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C4Success Testimonials

 Check out great coach and sport psych duo's business, as used by Edmonton Triathlon Academy athletes and coach.

ETA Head Coach Kevin Clark

 Throughout my week I experience extreme anxiety in sport, school, and life in general.  This website has really helped to boost my confidence and think in a more positive way.  Your voice and wise words always help me to realize that I have the potential to become very successful.  I can't thank you enough!

  This program is awesome!  It really calmed me down.  It really helped me focus.

  That sleep thing is really working.  And all my friends love to use it when they come over for a sleep over.  They say, "can we listen to that lady?"

 This program was way better than I thought it would be.  I don't know what I was expecting, but it is amazing!  It is really helpful and really well laid out.

 I've just had a look at your website and I am very impressed.  I found it easy to navigate my way around and find pertinent information. Your introduction of the Streams provided sufficient information and yet whet my appetite for more. I think your Program Contents offer variety, and cover a wide range of topics that deal with people's everyday concerns.  I have looked at other psychologist's websites and some seem so impersonal that I'm left wondering whether the individual is someone I will be able to relate to. I think your website is awesome and wonderful value for the money!

 @c4_success.  Just looked over their website.  Seems like some really cool stuff.

 I like how we have easy access to the programs website and podcasts.  The information is very helpful and it is quite easy to use.

 This is really well done and organized.  The information is a great help and good tips.  The audio podcasts are super soothing.  I love hearing relatable problems to the ones I have in my head.  I loved the podcasts, videos and tips :-)  Thank you!

 The video conversations are awesome!  Just need to find time to watch them more.  The audio podcasts are super relaxing and helpful.  I love the variety of videos and options/situations that your podcasts and videos provide.  Thank you!

 The audio podcasts are 5/5 as I am able to do this wherever.  I liked the sleeping podcasts a lot.  They are very soothing and it helped me sleep soundly.

 I feel the video conversations always give me the right mindset.  The program is very easy to use on mobile which is very helpful if I am on the way to a game or lying in bed.

 The presentation style is creative and easy to understand.  The information is great and easy to remember.  Audio podcasts help me relax.  I think it's easy to use and portable but takes up a lot of time.

 Love the sleeping podcasts!  Calms me down so much and I am well rested after!

 Awesome! Great info.  Feels like they are speaking to you personally!  You have such a soothing voice.

 Your company looks like a great tool for the development of athletes' mental game.

 I used the sleep podcast to relax me before a very stressful, professional Board exam.  It helped to relax me enough to switch my mind off and get a good nights sleep.  And the confidence visualization podcast basically allowed me to focus, concentrate and turn off the background noise in my head, which prevented me from freaking out.  I was then able to do one of the best PhD defenses the examiners had seen.

 I am a teacher at Catholic Central High School in Lethbridge, Canada and recently attended your presentation in Banff. I was very interested in what you had to say.  I have since purchased your program and think it is great. I was wondering if it would be possible to show some of my students a few of your videos? 

 "C4Success is an excellent tool that I use for all different applications. Whether it be in business or sports, my children, partner, or for myself, C4Success has the flexibility to meet all of our needs. We are able to get excellent support in terms of meeting not only personal but family goals by using this tool. I recommend C4Success to anyone - It is just that good of an application!!"

 Mostly every night I am listening to the "mountain one" - Overcoming Obstacles podcast.  I was really hyper but I listened to it and fell asleep way fast!

 My 10 year old son asked to listen to your sleep podcast again because he finds it relaxing and helps him focus to get to sleep.

 I listened to the Sleep Podcast and for the first time in weeks I fell asleep without using a sleeping pill.  It gave me hope!  Having your relaxation recording was so good it also gave me hope.  You have a very calming voice.

 The C4Success "Best Exam Performance" and "Confidence and Positive Energy Boost" visualization podcasts were a key part of my preparation for an important job competition.  Using these materials to calm myself the night before, and again in the moments before each interview, meant I was relaxed and ready.  This mindset allowed me to present my knowledge, skills and experience in a collected and confident manner, not hindered by worries or "what ifs" that sometimes crowd my thoughts during big events.  And because I felt affirmed and successful before even beginning the interviews, it was  easy to maintain that frame of mind right up until I was offered the job!  Thanks for the "career coaching".