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Mental Skills Training For Athletes

Do you want to have the mental edge over your competition?  Do you want to improve your mental game?  Do you want to learn the mental tools practiced by Olympic athletes? Whether you are an athlete or a coach, it's time to train your mental skills.  Our Mental Skills Training Program is our flagship course and provides the best foundation from which to develop your mental skills with C4Success.  

This program has been specifically designed, by psychologists and mental performance consultants, to help you achieve your peak performance in any sport.  With lessons and modules that include over 50 different mini videos and audio podcasts, well over 2 hours of viewable content, this course provides an interactive experience that is sure to develop your mental game.

Like most things in life, peak performance takes preparation.  That's where C4Success comes in with concrete skills and instruction to help you develop the mental strength you need for peak performance.  Our Mental Skills Training Program includes 10 modules to prepare and train your: Self- Awareness, Goal-Setting, Motivation, Self-Talk, Confidence, Energy, Focus, Performance Readiness, Composure and Self- Regulation, and Resiliency.  We even have an assessment tool built in to each module whereby you can track your own progress.

To ensure your success, within our 10 modules, we've compiled and developed 85 mini-lessons that include 58 downloadable PDF handouts, and over 20 recorded mp3's to help develop all your mental skills.  All of this at your finger tips ready to be accessed on your schedule, at your convenience.  We'll help you learn from your mistakes, but also celebrate and learn from your successes.

So welcome to Team C4Success and let's start building your mental skills today!